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What is Mobile Internet?

Mobile Internet is the ability for a mobile handset to connect to the Internet via a mobile network. Typically, customers use Mobile Internet to browse web pages and download applications.

A compatible handset may connect via different technologies of varying speed – including GPRS (2.5G), 3G, HSDPA (3.5G) and LTE (4G) – whose availability will depend on the capability of both your handset and the network in your current location.

Generally, a mobile handset will automatically select the fastest connection method available at any time.


How do I use Mobile Internet?

A compatible handset with correct settings will establish a Mobile Internet connection automatically when performing a task which requires connectivity (for example, accessing a webpage via a browser or running an application which retrieves information from the Internet).

Most phones already have Internet settings saved, but you can also enter the settings manually if required:Connection name: Optus Internet

Bearer type: Packet Data
User name: None
Prompt password: No
Password: None
Password authentication: Normal
Starting page: None
Network type: IPv4
Phone IP address: Automatic
Proxy Server Address: None
Proxy Port Number: None
Access point name: yesinternet

How much does it cost to access the Internet from my phone?

The charging of Mobile Internet usage will vary depending on your service plan.

Our currently available plans all feature a monthly data inclusion, which varies depending on the particular plan. There is no charge to use data up to the monthly data inclusion of the particular plan. Mobile Internet usage in excess of a plans monthly data inclusion will be at a per MB rate. To see our current plan's data inclusion and excess usage rates, click here.

How do I monitor my Mobile Internet usage?

You can monitor your usage for current and previous billing months using ACN’s MyAccount online self care website. Click here to visit the site (you’ll need to register if you haven’t done so already).

We  will also send you an automated SMS to let you know when you have passed 50%, 85% and 100% of your plan's monthly data inclusion.

How do I enable or disable Mobile Internet?

Mobile Internet access is automatically enabled at the time your service is activated. You may request that ACN disable the feature by calling us on 1300 881 778.


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